Argosy Journey

by Rene on June 11, 2011

I am so happy to welcome Terrah as a guest to share a bit about her Argosy Journey thus far.

I have to admit when I saw Terrah’s Argosy from the outside…it was love at first sight!!

I can’t wait to see how she finishes the inside!

Welcome Terrah-

Hi, I am a girl with an awesome trailer. However, it wasn’t always so awesome.

 I bought it on a quick whim thinking I could buy it, move it and live in it,

but nothing is ever as it seems. It was a mess in the inner workings. So after a month

 long simple renovation for the basics, I was able to take it and live in it with

my 6 dogs for 8 months. During that time my water broke, my fridge stopped

working and I only had a stand-alone air conditioner. It was like camping and a

little difficult at times, but very educational on so many levels.

Over the winter, my dad and I gutted the whole interior and re built it and hand

sanded (air sander) the exterior in preparation for painting. It was a lot of blood,

sweat and tears, but I learned so much about how things work which is necessary

when living in it. I love having the Argosy, because they were only made during

limited years and having a painted airstream allows her to be awesome eye candy

on the road. I would recommend people know what they are getting into before

thinking of renovating; it is a lot of work, but totally worth it.

The inside is coming along beautifully ….from this
to this ….  Looking forward to checking in on Terrah’s Argosy journey from time to time.
Here is a link to her flickr photos, and her awesome Etsy store DriftwoodJones…  
Thank you so much Terrah!!!


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Vintage Airstream: Bambie

by Rene on June 6, 2011

The photo’s of this next Airstream make me dream of a vacation by the sea.

I spotted it at Gray likes weddings, a fun wedding site!! The photo’s were

originally stylized by Wendi Nordeck, no wonder they look amazing!!


Vintage Camper Awning

by Rene on June 5, 2011

If you need an awning for your vintage camper that is full of charm,

check out these sources under each picture. I LOVE these adorable awnings…

they are like the icing on a cake!.

Vintage Awnings Blog



If you are interested in making your own…check this site.


Clubs Rallies and Groups

by Rene on June 4, 2011

Let me know if you’d like to be added to the list:

Fun Roads – RV club directory.

Happy Camper Club – camp half price.

Airstream: Clubs & group directory…plus q&a forums. visit

National Serro Scotty Group– other campers welcome!

Check out Vintage Trailer Supply for a huge list of groups

GMC Motorhome club

FMCA- Family Motor Coach Association

Large List of GMC Motorhome Clubs

Sister’s on the Fly


Vagabond trailer

by Rene on June 2, 2011

The pictures of this vintage Vagabond trailer are fantastic.

The photographer took these amazing interior and exterior photo’s

while staying in Mafia, Texas at El Cosmico.

El Cosmico opened in the fall of 2009. The aim was to build a community

in a creative and sustainable space. El Cosmico offers accommodations in several

renovated vintage trailers, reinvented yurt structures called eco shacks,

a traditional 22 ft. diameter Sioux teepee, and a number of tent campsites.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo’s Lucidist!


Airstream used in a beautiful wedding!

by Rene on May 29, 2011

Love this wedding and the  Airstream they rented for their special day!



The photos were taken by Jessica Bennett Photography. Thanks…Jessica!!!


The Airstream Ranch

by Rene on May 29, 2011

If you’ve ever driven near Tampa…down I-4  in Florida, you’ve probably 

noticed a crazy row of Airstreams taking  a nose dive in the ground. 

It’s called the Airstream Ranch and here’s a little video that shows the

building process. I came across Jessica Bennett Photography and love the idea 

she and a couple had for an engagement photo shoot at the ranch.

The photos came out fantastic!! Check out the wedding photos of the same couple

 in the next post above….. Yes, they include an Airstream. :)







Glida Camper 10ft. – 1964

by Rene on May 12, 2011

Excuse Get Campie while we are under construction—- we are making a few changes.

Check out this beautiful 1964 10ft. Gilda that Kris spent the last 4 months doing up!! Love the bright and festive colors! Thank you so much for sharing your camper with us Kris…you’ve done a beautiful job!!

Best regards to Kris as she starts a vintage market stall in Brisbane, Australia.


VW vintage van cookies

by Rene on February 16, 2011

Sorry for the long break…. I couldn’t even remember how to access my acct.  Isn’t that crazy!!

I saw these cookies made by I am baker and thought they were the cutest things!

I am baker made these adorable cookies for a little guy named Finn and his first birthday!
I love this and I couldn’t help share the sweetness! It reminds me of when my bubbies
was a wee little man. I don’t think you can ever discribe what it feels like to love
someone sooo much!

Look at this picture of Finn in the drivers seat!! How cute is that!!


1960 Ace Continental

by Rene on August 20, 2010

Meet Cassie!!!
Isn’t she adorable!! Her owner landed her on Ebay and fixed her all up!!

Love how she pulled all the colors together and the flag touches!

Here’s Cassie at a fun camp-out with her VW Pop-up camper friend!
(my mom has a couple of those blue and white striped zip dee awning chairs…comfy)

What a pretty picture!!! Thank you to Cassie’s owner for sharing her sweet trailer with us!!!

PS….here’s her before:

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