August 2010

1960 Ace Continental

by Rene on August 20, 2010

Meet Cassie!!!
Isn’t she adorable!! Her owner landed her on Ebay and fixed her all up!!

Love how she pulled all the colors together and the flag touches!

Here’s Cassie at a fun camp-out with her VW Pop-up camper friend!
(my mom has a couple of those blue and white striped zip dee awning chairs…comfy)

What a pretty picture!!! Thank you to Cassie’s owner for sharing her sweet trailer with us!!!

PS….here’s her before:


Movie clip: The Long, Long Trailer

by Rene on August 18, 2010


Love the use of maps on the walls and fun IKEA fabric in this bright and cheery camper!


V W’s

by Rene on August 12, 2010

VW Camper Van

These are so cute…they are limos used for weddings in the UK!!  Love them and the camper version!!!!


Etsy: Retro camper finds

by Rene on August 11, 2010

Save the dates!!

Little caravan of Love : Skull and Crossbuns– hand carved rubber stamp

Pure innovations: illustration

Trailer Trash Diva : vintage trailer fabric apron

Hit the Road: pendant


Mobiltec (Larry) has a great video series on what to look for when buying a vintage camper.
Check out his other videos …. and tons of information!


Cute Red camper and vintage mobile.

by Rene on August 8, 2010

Loving this Red combo I spotted at an awesome blog called The Painted Cottage….simply sweet!!

Pictures  The Painted Cottage via Renae Moore Designs


Shasta 1964 compact

by Rene on August 6, 2010

Every camper restoration is inspirational, but check out this next beauty that was 95% restored by a 55 year old Grandmother! I think she did an amazing job!! Love it!!

Meet “Cele-Joe”
(in memory of both of her parents who unknowingly got her hooked on her little birch trailer)

After much research the owner settled on finding a 1964 Shasta Compact with birch interior. They are one of the lightest vintage trailers and that was important for towing with her SUV. They drove from Minnesota all the way to Michigan to pick this baby up!  Look at her before…..

They purchased their camper last summer…. since then she was given some new birch, new laminate, new sub floor and tile, new cushions, curtains, a ton of polishing of aluminum, made the wings and gave her an exterior paint job!!

How cute! I love the fabric sink curtain and how she has the coffee mugs on hooks behind the stovetop!

Thank you so much to the owners. If you would like more complete details of their restoration click here.


Travco Motorhome 1964:

by Rene on August 4, 2010

One look at this Turquoise beauty and you fall in love! What’s not to love with a name like Myrtle ….what a beaut! To follow along in Myrtle’s transformation be sure and check out the owners blog here!!

Meet Myrtle:

Let’s take a peek at the interior:

Cool fabric!!


Vintage camper businesses:

by Rene on August 4, 2010

Enjoy Cupcakes trailers the fun right to your party with an adorable fully restored vintage Shasta trailer! How fun to have this cute trailer with twinkling lights and a festive canopy..serve you desserts at your special event!!!!
They cater their delectable cupcakes and desserts all over Santa Barbra county and Santa Ynez Valley in California.
Boy, you folks are lucky!! If you are in their area look them up here.

Next we’re featuring another Shasta with a fun Snowcone business!!

Fresher than Fresh Snowcones owner Lindsay, serves her all natural snowcones
from an beautiful 1957 Shasta.  She offers her customers wonderful flavors like Ginger Rose and watermelon basil… along side her is her mascot Snowie! Looks like they make a perfect team!!
She is located in Kansas City, so if you live near there look her up!

PS. Don’t you love how she used the door as a menu chalkboard!

Thanks Lindsay!

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