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Pictures of an old camper:: fixed up!

by Rene on April 20, 2013

Loving this camper redo from Tiffany at The Fancy Farmgirl!

She has some great pictures of her camper redo process and

more cute photos of it all fixed up!! So cute!!


Pictures of old campers fixed up



Pictures of vintage campers



How to fix an old camper

how to redo a vintage camper


How to paint a vintage trailer

by Rene on August 7, 2012

Great info on how to paint a Shasta. Click the link below the photo to connect..

How to paint a vintage camper


1957 Westerner Travel Trailer

by Rene on March 10, 2012

Meet Daisy….. She is all fixed up and looking dandy!!!!

She is called the “Westerner” because of her western drapes (still the original)

and her naugahyde seats!!

Here is her proud owner Cheryl!!

vintage camper


before the Cocoa Cola decal

vintage camper yellow


Thank you Cheryl!! I love the yellow awning you added!!! You guys did an amazing job!!!!

Thank you for your inspiration!!

Vintage trailer set up at campsite



Follow Vol.25’s Sportscoach motorhome renovation journey here….it’s an interesting look into restoring

a motorhome.

DSC03841 copy

I love her planning board ….

Bedroom 2

Here is a before:


A little photo peak of after…..

May mood board 
check out the great artwork at her etsy shop:

VW Bus- Wherever We Are Together Home Series


Argosy Journey

by Rene on June 11, 2011

I am so happy to welcome Terrah as a guest to share a bit about her Argosy Journey thus far.

I have to admit when I saw Terrah’s Argosy from the outside…it was love at first sight!!

I can’t wait to see how she finishes the inside!

Welcome Terrah-

Hi, I am a girl with an awesome trailer. However, it wasn’t always so awesome.

 I bought it on a quick whim thinking I could buy it, move it and live in it,

but nothing is ever as it seems. It was a mess in the inner workings. So after a month

 long simple renovation for the basics, I was able to take it and live in it with

my 6 dogs for 8 months. During that time my water broke, my fridge stopped

working and I only had a stand-alone air conditioner. It was like camping and a

little difficult at times, but very educational on so many levels.

Over the winter, my dad and I gutted the whole interior and re built it and hand

sanded (air sander) the exterior in preparation for painting. It was a lot of blood,

sweat and tears, but I learned so much about how things work which is necessary

when living in it. I love having the Argosy, because they were only made during

limited years and having a painted airstream allows her to be awesome eye candy

on the road. I would recommend people know what they are getting into before

thinking of renovating; it is a lot of work, but totally worth it.

The inside is coming along beautifully ….from this
to this ….  Looking forward to checking in on Terrah’s Argosy journey from time to time.
Here is a link to her flickr photos, and her awesome Etsy store DriftwoodJones…  
Thank you so much Terrah!!!


Travco Motorhome 1964:

by Rene on August 4, 2010

One look at this Turquoise beauty and you fall in love! What’s not to love with a name like Myrtle ….what a beaut! To follow along in Myrtle’s transformation be sure and check out the owners blog here!!

Meet Myrtle:

Let’s take a peek at the interior:

Cool fabric!!
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